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Mar, 2021

Announcers, Scorekeepers, Umpires, Oh My!

Volunteering shouldn't scare you away and it shouldn't be a "four letter word". 

With teams formed and first games on April 12th squarely in our sights, it's time to talk volunteering. Many of you are already filling roles as managers, coaches or team parents and we're also seeing a nice rally of contributions to the complex at large. Now it's time to talk about volunteering opportunities to help things run smoothly during the season (and so you can get that volunteer deposit back).
We have several volunteer opportunities ranging from in-game positions such as score keepers, announcers and umpires as well as open shifts for concessions workers and supervisors.

"What's the score?" One of the many reasons to have competition is to keep score but those ones and zeros don't jot themselves down. Scorekeeping in farm and above provides not only a vital role to maintaining the integrity of the game but also gives you the best seat in the house to watch your child play ball. Here is the scorekeepers view from the Farm and  5070/Major/Minor fields. Enjoy the game keep score and neck strain.  

"Now Batting...." Who doesn't love a good announcer. If you like to hear yourself talk, how about letting everyone else in on your secret. It's real easy, just say the names for each batter, introduce the pitcher and then make it up as you go along (no play by play please). The announcer sits right next to the score keeper so you get the same benefits of a the view.

"Yeeeerrrr Out!" Baseball is a game of balls and strikes but an umpire needs to call those balls and strikes. Umpiring can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You control the game, interact (mask on please), and get to show off your baseball IQ. Farm through Major/Minor will need umpires to call those balls and strikes and help keep the game moving. We'll have a clinic soon and can be available for one-on-one training if you cannot attend the clinic. Ages 12 and up welcome too

"Peanuts getcher peanuts!" What goes better with a day at the ballpark than a hot dog, Gatorade (sugar free please), and some sunflower seeds? Answer: NOTHING! Concessions is one of those you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours kinda things. Volunteers run the beloved snack shack serving up all that shack-shack goodness so that you can relax and watch your players but who will be there for them when their kids are playing? Hmmm, I wonder.....oh yeah.....YOU! Snack shack workers and supervisors are the unsung heroes keeping us hydrated and fed (Rick don't forget to tell em about the slushy machines!)  Oh yeah and slushies too. 
Finally we're considering creating a position for some of our more seasons parents to possibly fill roles as "parent of the game". We need folks to help us keep the traffic calm, the doggos at home, and the complex tobacco free. Shifts are preferably filled in the game prior to or after your own child's game. We don't want our parents to miss a single pitch

That's a lot to take in but these volunteer roles are not just vital, they are critical to having an enjoyable game. We've all asked "what's the score" or "how many outs" or "I wonder if the burgers are good here" but empty seats won't give you a the answer you wanted to hear. Your team managers will be notifying you of the various slots that need to be filled and pro-tip, if you sign up early you get to pick the time you prefer. If you'd like to get even more involved please don't hesitate to contact any of our board of directors. 

Remember a little is a lot of work but a lot is little work at all. 
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